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4th Upskill Steering Committee held on 17 September

The prolific work carried out by the partners of the Upskill project keeps on delivering brilliant results, despite the criticalities brought by the global pandemic: originally scheduled as a physical meeting, the 4th Upskill Steering Committee was held on the 17th of September in the form of a web meeting, in order to allow the members of the consortium to share their achievements and progress together towards the completion of the project.

Gražina Žardalevičienė (LINPRA) coordinated the meeting, with the main objective of sharing the state of play of the Work Packages among the partners and determining the next activities to be performed in the context of the project. Franck Steunou (ISPA) illustrated the remarkable developments that Upskill has undergone since its early stages and announced a partial revision of the timetable due to the six months extension granted earlier this year. The discussion focused then on the specific actions carried out in the context of the different Work Packages: Živilė Šatienė (APRC) announced the new schedule of the piloting activities, which, in line with the aforementioned extension granted, will take place between September and December 2020. In order to make the learning process more consequential and facilitate the communication between the two protagonists of the projects, the piloting stage foresees the concurrent use of the Teacher’s and the Student’s manual.

A pivotal point on the meeting was the overview, provided by Marc Manguin (ISPA), of the process behind the preparation of the training material and a detailed delineation of the next steps. In this regard, it is of utmost importance to stress the real nature and directions of use of the manuals: the training material should not represent an “undisputable truth”, but it is rather meant to be adapted to the needs of the single students and enriched by the knowledge and experience of the teachers as no book could ever set itself up as a replacement of the personal learning process.

Subsequently, Marjan Ranogajec (EuPC) provided an update on the Dissemination and Exploitation activities, announcing the forthcoming webinar on the Upskill project, which will take place on the 15th of October 2020 during Erasmus+ Days (click here to register). Marjan also provided an indicative timetable for the final event, which will most likely take place in April 2021.

Visit regularly the website to stay updated on Upskill’s development. The Dissemination activities will continue in the upcoming months and more interesting webinars will display the progression of the project.

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