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An UPSKILL Piloting Week in Lithuania

The 17th of February marked a start of a piloting week in Lithuania with three teachers from ISPA (France) visiting Visaginas Training Center (VPM) and two teachers from TREDU (Finland) coming to Alytus Vocational Training Center (APRC).

The main goal of the visits was to pilot the prepared material and to train Lithuanian teachers. The pilot training was conducted to evaluate feasibility, time, cost, and improve the developed teaching programme and materials, share teachers‘ experiences and give ideas for potential improvements in the future.

Gražina Žardalevičienė, UPSKILL project coordinator, stated: “We are entering a critical phase of the project and we are happy that finally are able to test our proprietary programme and receive feedback from experienced teachers”.

The further piloting activities will take place in national vocational education training centers in Lithuania, Finland and France.

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