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Artificial Intelligence will impact education systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already used by a number of tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. These companies and many others are investing considerable resources in research and development work. The technology has still not been widely accepted, but it is definitely on an agenda of policy makers and governments.

In the future, AI will have a major role in the life of people, including education systems, where the application of this technology could potentially bring a major change. Study “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Learning, Teaching and Education” aims to provide a critical review and prospective angle on relevant AI developments as a basis for well-informed policy-oriented discussions about the future of these domains.

The study is a contribution to the Digital Education Action Plan (Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on the Digital Education Action Plan (COM(2018) 237 final)) which foresees policy research and guidance on the impact and potential of digital technologies in education.

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