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First Virtual Exchange on the Upskill project

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is not stopping the advancement of the Upskill project: on 6 November, the first Virtual Exchange between the French apprentices from ISPA and the Finnish students from TREDU gave to the partners the opportunity to gather additional feedback from the participants to the projects.

The variety of professional, academic background, as well as nationalities, allowed the partners to investigate the impact of the project through many different perspectives. Needless to say, the enthusiasm shown in the interviews was palpable!

Thanks to the Upskill project I discovered a lot about this field and enjoyed it says Mehdi, a French student participating in the training course to become a plastic processing line conductor.

The piloting phase is involving many students experienced in the plastic industry, like Eddy, employed as a setter in plastics processing at Valeo or Baptiste, who worked as a fitter and setter and, passionate about this field deci

ded to increase his skills by pursuing its apprenticeship diploma in plastics at ISPA.

Though, the interest in the project also comes from people who recently decided to embark on their carrier in the plastics sector, like Nicholas, whose professional background is in the food sector.

The interviews showed great coordination among the contributing organisation and the success of the Upskill projects in providing the participants with the skills needed to evolve their knowledge in the plastics sector, successfully adapting the training activities to very diverse professional backgrounds.

Visit the website for more insights on the progress of the Upskill project!

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