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UPSKILL project was presented at the European Chemical Social Partners’ conference

UPSKILL project took part in a two days conference “Our Future Workplace – Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry” organized by the European Chemical Employers Group and industriALL – European Trade Union. The conference took place in the Hague (Netherlands) on 7th and 8th November 2019, and the program included topics such as digitization, health and safety aspects, policy implications, and future developments.

Marjan Ranogajec (EuPC) presented UPSKILL project, focusing on the goals that were achieved in the first year of the project, expected outcomes for the second year and long-term impact of the project. In addition, Marjan informed the audience about the UPSKILL’s final event in Brussels and invited all to attend the event. During the Q&A that followed the presentation, the participants wanted to get more information regarding the development of the syllabus, green skills, upcoming pilot phase, etc.

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